The Laboratory of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies "LabSTIC" was created in 2011. It is composed of four teams gathering 48 researchers and covers a broad spectrum of research in computer science. The LabSTIC lab's main areas of research are part of a scientific approach that consists in creating computer development tools with great creativity in the design of algorithmic methods, particularly in the fields of science, technology and communication.

LabSTIC's missions revolve around three main themes: research and valorisation (theoretical, applied), training and technology transfer of skills and research results.

This is done first through contracts involving companies via bilateral collaborations and consortia in the framework of national projects.


Director of the laboratory:
Pr. Seridi Hamid //

Laboratory engineer :
Miss KHAROUBI Madiha

Laboratory Council
The LabSTIC laboratory board is composed of the following members

Name and first Name Fonction Email
Pr. SERIDI Hamid Laboratory Director, Team Leader
Pr. HADDADI Salim Team Leader
Pr. LAFIFI Yacine Team Leader
Pr. NEMISSI Mohamed Team Leader



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