Thesis on line

List of Thesis on line  

Phd Student Title of the Thesis
Chenche Sara
Zedadra Amina  Interpreting traces in environments collaborative learning.LMD, 2015.
Benhamza Karima Design of an adaptive multi-agent system for problem solving.Classic,2015.
Bendjebar Safia Using Data Mining Techniques for Tutor Modeling.LMD, 2016.
Farou Brahim Multimedia mining Recognition of forms in a video.Classic,2016.
Zedadra Ouarda Resolving coordination problems of reactive agents in an uncertain environment.Classic,2016.
Halimi Khaled Collaboration, social dimensions and communities.Classic,2016.
Benselim M-Salah Contectual Adaptation for Ubiquitous Information Systems.Classic,2016.
Khebizi Ali Towards a Declarative Approach for Analyzing the Impact of the Dynamic Evolution of Web Services Protocols.Classic,2017.
Ferkous Chokri Extraction of knowledge for mammographic image segmentation.Classic.2017.
Aggoune Aicha Treatment of semantic heterogeneity in search of multimedia information.Classic.2017.
Merabti Hocine Bio-inspired approaches for pattern recognition.LMD, 2017.
Cheraitia Meryem  Exam planning.LMD, 2018.
Benzennache Amine Hybrid Systems of Arabic Word Recognition Manuscripts Using Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models.Classic,2018.
Zaghdoudi Rachid Pattern recognition techniques Application: to the recognition of Arabic writing.Classic,2018.
Mehnaoui Zahra Recommendation of relevant collaborators in a collaborative learning environment,Classic,2018.