PRFU Projects

Project N°01: C00L07UN240120180001

Title of the project: Prediction of learning difficulties of learners in human learning systems.

Project Manager: Pr.Lafifi Yacine, Grade: Professor.

Members of the team: Mrs.Tadjer Houda; Mr.Boudjehem Rochdi.

Approved from: 01/01/2018.

Project N°02: C00L07UN240120180002

Title of the project: Integration of image mining techniques in a human learning environment (AIEH, e-learning): Impact studies on the motivation of the learner.

Project Manager: Dr.Nemissi Mohamed, Grade: MCA.

Members of the team: Dr. Kouahla M-Nadjib;Miss.Zedadra Ouarda;Mrs.Salah Halima;Mr.Boughida Adil;Miss.Siouda Roguia.

Approved from: 01/01/2018.

Project N°03: C00L07UN240120180003

Title of the project: Batch-based platform for analyzing and managing video surveillance in cities smarts.

Project Manager: Pr.Seridi Hamid, Grade: Professor.

Members of the team:Dr.Farou Brahim;Mrs.Nebili Wafa;Mr.Benrazek Allaeddine;Dr.Kouahla Zineddine;Mr.Rouabhia Houssem Eddine.

Approved from: 01/01/2018.