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Hamid Seridi received his Bachelor’s degree with honours in 1981, from the University of Annaba, Algeria, and the Master’s degree from the Polytechnic Institute of New-York, USA in 1984, both in Electrical Engineering. He received his PhD in Computer Science with distinction in 2001 from the University of Reims, Champagne Ardenne, France. He was Vice Dean of the Post Graduation, Scientific Research and External Relations in the University of Guelma, and he was also Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing and Material Sciences. Currently he is Professor and Director of Laboratory of Science and Information Technologies and Communication “LabSTIC,” “. He is an expert member at the national committee for evaluation and accreditation national projects research. His research interests include approximate knowledge management, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, data mining, video mining, machine learning and cryptography.

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Enseignant chercheur au département d'Informatique/ Directeur de laboratoire des Sciences et Technologie de l'information et de la communication.

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Axes de Recherches Reconnaissance de Formes; Vison par Machine; Vidéo & Text Mining; Imagerie.

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