Farou Brahim

Brahim FAROU received State Engineer degree in computer science systems from National School of Computer Science (Algiers, Algeria) in 2006 and the Magister degree in the sciences and technologies of information and communication from Guelma University in 2009. He received his DSc in Computer Science with distinction in 2016 and the HDR degree with distinction in 2018 from the University of Annaba, Algeria. He is currently associate professor in the computer science department, Guelma University and GADM team member at LabSTIC laboratory. He also occupied many administrative positions, he was deputy head of department responsible for teaching from 2010 to 2012 and he is currently deputy head of the department responsible for post-graduation. His research interests include color constancy, video mining, object recognition, object tracking, surveillance systems and computer vision.


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Grade: MCA

Email Professionnel :farou.brahim@univ-guelma.dz

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