Bordjiba Yamina

Bordjiba Yamina received her Engineer’s degree with honors in 1998, from the University of Annaba, Algeria, and the Magister’s degree from the same university, in 2003, She is preparing his PhD in Computer Science. She joined university 8 Mai 1945 of Guelma, Algeria as assistant professor since 2003. She was pedagogical responsible for the speciality of the lcence’s degree of Multimedia and Information and Communication Technology. She is member of the scientific committee of the computer science department and member of Laboratory of Science and Information Technologies and Communication “LabSTIC,” She works in artificial intelligence, computer vision and facial animation. Currently, she works on facial animation retargeting and facial expressions recognition.

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Grade :MAA

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Publications et Communications Recentes:

  1. Yamina Bordjiba, hayat merouani, Ali seridi :  A genetic algorithm for characteristic points matching of two different faces, icraes'18, dec 23-25 hammamet, tunisia.

  2. Ali Seridi, Lynda Dib,Riad Bourbia,Yamina Bordjiba:  A Web Service-Based Tutoring Tool for eLearning Platforms. icraes'18, dec 23-25 hammamet, tunisia.

  3. Riad Bourbia, Ali Seridi, Lynda Dib,Yamina Bordjiba: The Improvement of the E-Learning Platforms through a Tutoring Web Service, ICTACSE '18 Nov 23-24, Ankara, Turkey.

  4. Asma Boudria, Yacine Lafifi, Yamina Bordjiba : Collaborative Calibrated Peer Assessment in Massive Open Online Courses, International Journal of Distance Education Technologies